Silver gilt neck ring with inlaid pearls

Gold pot

Pair of gold bracelets

Copper spear end with inlaid gold

Jade bottle with plum blossom design

Jade chime stone with cloud and dragon design outlined in gold

Jade pot with longevity and good fortune design

Double-phoenix-handle jade bowl

Jade vessel with animal face design and animal handles

Jade pendant plaques with cloud and dragon designs outlined in gold

Dragon-patterned jade bi disk

Overglaze enamel doucai vase with pheasant and peony

Tomb figurine showing a foreigner on a green glazed camel

Polychrome glazed tomb figurine of a woman holding a tray

Gold-plated Heavenly King

Copper xing character imitation cowry shell

Famille rose overglaze enamel hexagonal bowl with flowers and plants

Dragon-handle jade signature seal

Jade seal: ‘Seal of the Prince of Huaiyang’

Silver seal of a general

Gold seal

Jade seal: ‘Gongsun Gu’s seal’

Jade seal of the feudal lord of the Chu state

Dwelling to Appreciate Beauty

Gold bracelet inlaid with precious stones

Gold pendant with phoenix design

Head ornament of gold, silver and pearls in flower design

Gold plaque with inlaid turquoise and animal design

Gold earrings

Gold earring

Three Wishes of Hua Feng

Mountain Dwelling West of the River

Daoist in the Mountains among the Plum Blossoms

Deer and Pine

White Clouds and Brocade Trees

Poem on a Mountain Pass

River and Mountains

Pheasant and Camellia

Water and Bamboo Dwelling

Eight-armed, Eleven-faced Avalokitesvara

Jade belt plaques with openwork dragon design

Jade belt plaques

Waist pendant of gold and silver gilt case, crystal, agate and jade beads

Double-figure jade knife handle

Jade lion

Group of jade pendants

Dragon pattern jade rings

Agate beads and jade cylinder necklace

Jade axe handle with phoenix design

Semi-circular disk with double-headed design

Jade gourd-shaped water container

Jade lotus petal hat

Jade figure in obeisance

Jade tiger

Animal face jade hatchet

Jade phoenix

Silver ingot presented as tribute by Yang Guozhong

Gold horse hoof

White glazed stirrup flask

Overglaze enamel vase with lotus pattern

Blue-and-white pot with multiple longevity characters

Overglaze enamel vase with design of auspicious animals and sunflowers

Blue-and-white pot showing paired dragons playing with a pearl

Red glazed plate

Blue-and-white stem foot cup with dragon in sea design

Blue-and-white ewer with plants and fruit design

Blue-and-white vase with design of bamboo, rocks, plantains and plum blossom

Blue-and-white dragon and phoenix three-footed censer

Jun ware blue glaze appliqué vase with animal head

Jingdezhen blue-and-white paired phoenix vase

Green glazed dragon and line design stirrup cup

Cizhou ware pillow with lotus design in black on white slip

White glazed long-necked ewer with door-knocker design

Blue glazed tomb figurine of a woman in foreigners’ dress

Chaozhou ware green-white glazed Buddha

Yaozhou ware green glazed incised flower decoration Go case

Ding ware white glazed lotus pattern bowl

Tomb figurine showing warrior with braided beard and sword

Ru ware green glazed washing bowl

Patterned glazed pot

Green glazed vase covered with lotus designs

Green glazed pot with figures in a building and a barn

Green glazed candlestick in form of a ram

Zilong cauldron (ding)

Openwork jade pendant of paired dragons

Mise Olive green bowl

Illustrated Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

Heavenly King

Gold fingernail sheaths with inlaid stones and pearls

Hairpin with silver shaft and gilt kingfisher head

Gold hairpin in the form of a phoenix

Gold hairpins with design of figures on a pavilion

Gold headdress inlaid with precious stones and with hairpins

Jade comb back decorated with crab apples

Tomb figure of a horsewoman

Manuscript copy of Fundamentals of National Reconstruction

Painted tomb figurine of a lute player

Green glazed incense burner (with tray)

Mirror with double wheel and star design

Mask with protruding eyes

Snake and frog patterned hoop-handled vessel (you)

Chime bell with elephant design

Vessel (zun) with a decoration of a snake devouring a frog

Double animal head bowl (pan) with three wheels

Square vessel (fang zun) with four rams

Dragon and tiger vessel (zun)

Vessel (zun) in the form of a sacrificial animal

Luan Shu vessel (fou)

Duke Hua of Zhu bell

Brick depicting entertainers

Jade imperial seal

Brick depicting a courtyard house

Brick depicting a kitchen scene

Brick depicting a market with storied buildings

Jing Li Set of bells (13 pieces)

Zeng Zhong You Fu square flask (hu)

Wangzi yingci tray (lu)

Cai Hou Shen square vase (fang hu)

Bird-shaped cauldron (ding)

King Fuchai of Wu vessel (jian)

King Guang of Wu’s vessel (jian)

Duke of Qin vessel (gui)

Wang Ziwu cauldron (ding)

Huanzi Mengjiang flask (hu)

Duck-shaped wine vessel (zun)

Li horse-shaped wine vessel (zun)

Li wine vessel (square yi)

Shiyou food vessel (gui)

Diaosheng food vessel (gui)

Gebo food vessel (gui)

Shao wine vessel (you)

Guojizibai water vessel (pan)

Yu cauldron (ding)

Zi Cauldron (gui)

Set of Zhangxin chime bells

Song flask (hu)

Marquis of Yan vessel (yu)

Brick depicting a woman gutting fish

Brick depicting a woman washing

Brick depicting a woman putting up her hair

Mirror with pattern of playing ball

Jingdezhen ware green-white glazed washing bowl and ewer

Yaozhou ware green glazed turnip-pattern wine vessel

Jun ware purple glazed flower pot

Ge ware fish ear censer

Guan ware vase with pierced handles

The Four Generals of Zhongxing

Ding ware patterned pillow

Bronze seal: ‘Official seal of the Cavalry Officer of the Southern Division ...

Lingwu ware dark glaze floral-patterned incised and carved flat pot

Bronze seal: ‘Yu Hou’s Vermillion seal

Marquis of Yi Ze vessel (gui)

Tianwang vessel (gui)

Li vessel (gui)

Turtle plastron with inscription with ‘The way of the king’

Oracle bone recording the invasion of the Tufang peoples

Tiger pattern chime stone

Jade dragon pendant

Jade phoenix pendant

Jade matching figures

Jade food vessel with geometric design

Jade figure with protruding object

Fu Hao paired vessel (fang yi)

Animal face ax

Simuxin gong

Fu Hao owl-shaped vessel (zun)

Polychrome glazed tomb figurine of a seated woman

Tomb figurines showing a troupe of kneeling musicians

Polychrome glazed tomb figurines of a troupe of musicians on horseback

Painted tomb figurine of a woman bent over in sleep

Painted tomb figurine of a saddle horse and groom

Black and polychrome glazed horse tomb figurine

Polychrome glazed tomb figurine on seated camel

Brick depicting a phoenix

Gilded stone statue of soldier

Brick depicting aristocratic women on an outing

Women’s jewellery in shape of ox head with deer antlers

Brick depicting chariots with tightrope walkers and riders

Tomb figurine of a storyteller

Painted tomb figurine of a long-sleeved female dancer

Fu Hao steamer (yan) with three bowls (zeng)

Fu Hao square wine vessel (jia)

Five-ox pillow

Storage vessel for cowries with scene of a sacrifice

Seven-ox vessel for storing cowries

Gold seal: ‘Seal of the King of Dian’

Square cauldron (ding) with nipple pattern

Edict Announcing Emperor Puyi’s Abdication

Brick depicting a war supply chariot


Jade cong with head of an immortal

Hawk-shaped cauldron

Brick depicting an orchard of wood-oil trees

Brick depicting salt panning

Brick depicting wine brewing

Brick depicting hunting and fishing

Basin with design of dancers

Painted pottery drum

Jade dragon

Brick depicting the pounding of rice

Double-linked bowls with six dragonfly handles with rings

Green glazed house

Painted tomb figurine of merchant from the regions west of China holding a pot

Gold-inlaid bird character vessel (hu)

Pot with hermaphrodite naked figure

Painted Pottery Jar with Spiral Design

Vessel (zun) with gold-plated bird and beast design

Southern Inspection Tour of Qianlong

Jade burial suit with gold ties

Famille rose overglaze enamel vase with open work dragon design

Painted goose and fish lamp

Mirror with inlaid shell design of scholars feasting and playing music

Silver wine cup with a flower and bird lotus petal design and a stem foot

Streaked glaze tomb figurine of a mounted hunter

Marbled ware pillow

Tomb soldier of the First Emperor

Gold plaque showing four tigers eating an ox

White glazed lamp stand on a lotus base

Wanli period black lacquer imperial medicine chest

Zheng He bell

Phoenix Coronet for Empress Xiaoduan

Swatow ware white glazed seated Buddha

Thriving Southern Capital

Views of the Imperial Capital

Polychrome glazed tomb figurine of a troupe of musicians on a camel

Overglazed enamel wucai pot with lid with design of fish among aquatic plants

Overglazed enamel doucai pot with butterfly design

White pot with hidden lotus branch design

Cloud and dragon jade pendant

Silver belt buckle with inlaid gold and jade animal head

Painted and gilded tomb figurine showing ceremonial guard

Jade bowl with gold rim

Rain in the River and Mountains

White glazed double dragon, double-bellied vase

Mirror decorated with six mountain characters

Mirror decorated with warriors and leopards

Letter to Jingliang

Cizhou ware vase showing a child playing

Underglazed red vase with design of coiled chrysanthemums

Man-shaped lamp stand with spoon

Sky-blue pot with chrysanthemum petal design

Red-painted animal handle flask

Indigo glazed double-swallow-handled pot with designs of coiling peonies outl...