Maintaining that exhibition is our foremost service product and that curatorial ability is our core competence, the NMC established a new exhibition system encompassing three basic categories: Permanent Exhibitions, Exhibitions of Special Topics, and Temporary Exhibitions. The Permanent Exhibitions include three individual exhibitions: Ancient China, The Road to Rejuvenation, and The Road to Rejuvenation: New Era. The Exhibitions of Special Topics are based on the NMC collections, including “Ancient Currencies”, “Ancient Chinese Jades” , “Ancient Chinese Porcelain Art,” “State Gifts: Historical Testament to Friendly Exchanges” , and more currently on view. Following the principle of “display on shelves rather than hide in vaults, collaborating for mutual benefits”, the Temporary Exhibitions gradually unfold into the following series: major thematic exhibitions, selected historical artifacts exhibitions, historical and cultural exhibitions, archaeological discovery exhibitions, archaeological discovery exhibitions, technology innovation exhibitions, regional culture exhibitions, classical art exhibitions, international exhibitions, and etc. In 2018, the NMC successfully held three exhibitions of major themes commissioned by the CPC Central Committee, “The Road to Rejuvenation: New Era”, “The Power of Truth: An Exhibition Marking the Bicentenary of the Birth of Karl Marx” and “Great Changes: A Major Exhibition Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up” which received strong positive public feedbacks.

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